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Trademark Renewal

Trademark renewal is needed every 10 years, we help your business get Trademark renewal

Reply to Trademark Objection

Just provide the supporting documents to prove inherent or acquired distinctiveness

Reply to Trademark Opposition

We help you file a prompt response to a trademark objection, along with supporting evidence

Trademark Assignment

Looking to transfer the ownership of your trademark to someonae else? Let help you

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We help you design amazing logo for your business. Get your logo designs in 7 days

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Submit patent application and acquire the ownership of a product

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Not only that, we can submit your Permanent Patent Application as well

Copyright Services

Copyright Registration

Copyright is a kind of intellectual property protection like trademark and patents. Copyright registration is done following the Copyright Act, 1957. With copyright registration, you become a legal owner of your creative work in respect of books, paintings, music, website, etc. Copyright registration with the authority secures the creative work of the author cannot be copied. No person is allowed to use the same without the permission of the author or creator. The author is entitled to charge others for using his work or changing it. Copyrights registration safeguards the rights of the inventor from infringement.